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5 Free Printables for Project Life- 4/25/13

You make me smile free printable card. Resize for project life.

“I’d like to be the ideal mother but I’m too busy raising my kids” printable card for project life.

2013 3×4 Weekly Highlights Calendar Cards.

Free Geometric Weekly Re-cap Project Life Journaling Card.

miss you. love you. free printable note card. Resize for project life.

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5 Freebies for Project Life- 4/23/13

If there is a new baby around resize these free cute word art prints esp. for baby or the little ones! Lots of colors to choose from. Nursery Series printables.

Follow Your Dreams Believe In Miracles Subway Art Print Freebie. Resize for project life filler card.

Project Life Word Art Freebie Circles. Perfect to add to photos!

Color Inspiration Journaling Card Set Freebie for project life.

InstaLife Free 4×4  Cards.

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5 Complete Journaling Card Freebie Sets for Project Life

Grey Freebie Journaling card & filler card set for project life.

Retro Kitchen Free Journaling Card Set for project life. Lots of other sets to download as well!

I have to admit I don’t know who Liz Lemon is but the free project life card set with quotes from her are pretty cool.

Oh happy day pastel 3×4 card set for Project Life.

Spring 3×4 Project Life Card set.


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Five Free Printables about Love for Project Life

The Guess Whooo Loves You card is so adorable! Owl Valentines (Not just for v-day, I put “Love” filler cards in my books all the time).

I love you always forever art print freebie. Resize for project life.

Fantastic lunch box notes– resize for project life. These looks so great!

Love you art print. Resize to make a super cute filler card. Vertical & horizontal available.

Love is all you need free art printable. Resize for filler card.

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5 Free Printable Quote Art Prints

Just begin word art printable freebie. Resize for project life!

Nightime Routine Subway Word Art Print.  Resize for project life!

We might just be the luckiest people alive art printable. Resize for project life!

Dance like no one’s watching subway art print. Resize for project life!

Love Gives Us a Fairytale quote art print. Resize for project life!

I’m finding that I’ve got so many free printables stacking up I need to put a bunch in each post! Hope you don’t mind!

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Black & White Graphic Filler Card Freebie for Project Life

Great filler card freebie for Project Life.

I’m also so stoked because I just got back another Amazon gift certificate from Swagbucks so now I can order the new sets when they come out soon. I honestly am so happy I found out about them. I am now officially at $220 since mid- December! I love that I can feed my Project Life fund just by taking a survey or 2 a day and googling. So awesome.

If you haven’t heard of Swagbucks before I definitely urge you to sign up & download their tool bar- just do your normal searches with them instead of google and you earn points. Also take a survey a day which might take 15-20 minutes & you’d be surprised how fast it adds up. A great way to make extra money. And if you use my referral link you will get points too!

I almost ordered from HSN but didn’t end up doing it. Did any of you order it? Were you happy with it? I heard some differing opinions on 2peas.