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5 Freebies for Project Life- 4/23/13

If there is a new baby around resize these free cute word art prints esp. for baby or the little ones! Lots of colors to choose from. Nursery Series printables.

Follow Your Dreams Believe In Miracles Subway Art Print Freebie. Resize for project life filler card.

Project Life Word Art Freebie Circles. Perfect to add to photos!

Color Inspiration Journaling Card Set Freebie for project life.

InstaLife Free 4×4  Cards.

Project Life Pages

5 Free Printable Quote Art Prints

Just begin word art printable freebie. Resize for project life!

Nightime Routine Subway Word Art Print.  Resize for project life!

We might just be the luckiest people alive art printable. Resize for project life!

Dance like no one’s watching subway art print. Resize for project life!

Love Gives Us a Fairytale quote art print. Resize for project life!

I’m finding that I’ve got so many free printables stacking up I need to put a bunch in each post! Hope you don’t mind!