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Introducting: Indie Craft Sampler

Wonder where I have been? I’m so sorry Project Lifer’s…I promise to be back. I’ve just been super busy all summer starting my new venture- Indie Craft Sampler. It’s a monthly subscription box that each month is filled with handcrafted goods/samples from indie artisans from all over the country & the world! 🙂 I’m really excited about it! Our first box ships out the first week of September. For $27 you can get 10-12 items (depending on how much I can fit into your box!)

Each box is different but your September sampler items might consist of: Soap, handmade dog treats, monster finger puppets, art prints, hair bows, jewelry, greeting cards, body butter, candles, hair accessories, nail polish, coffee cozies, hair oil, cleansing grains, face serum, embroidery hoop décor, tea towels, coasters, pillowcases, keychains, magnets, buttons, wallets, stickers, spices, key fobs, granola, gift tags, herbal tea, temp tattoos, sea salt, mini gift wrap gifts & more! Whew!

If you want to purchase a box or check out the site it’s:


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Once things settle down over there I will be back posting freebies! Stay awesome my PL’ers! 🙂