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6 Free Journaling Card Printables

I’m off to a women’s retreat this weekend & should be getting dinners prepared but just couldn’t not make a post for you guys (is that devotion or what?! lol)

sources- 1- colorpop frames, 2- lace notecard stationary set, 3- icon journaling card freebie, 4- photo/travel cards, 5- black and white labels, 6- mini notebook cover

Project Life Pages

6 Random Free Journaling Cards for Project Life #1

Right now I’m listening to the most catchy song from Shaggy. Listen to it & tell me if you aren’t totally into it by the end! 🙂 Shaggy – Believer

These journaling cards don’t have a theme so I just called it random #1.

Just resize (when necessary) & print!

sources- 1- hexagon journaling cards, 2- good times journaling cards, 3- free printable snail stationary set, 4- sneaker note cards (good for exercise or running journaling), 5- indie animal note paper, 6- journaling prompt cards