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Free Digital Scrapbooking Template #8

Hey guys! The last template I uploaded for you was in 2014! Eeps…sorry about that! Here is #8 of my free templates…it’s in .psd format. It’s a two pager with 17 spots for photos. Enjoy!

Download Template

Template 8 by onevelvetmorning.jpg

Project Life Pages

6 Free Printable Journaling Prompt Cards

Sometimes you just need a little nudge to journal a little more or sometimes the card just fits perfectly to the story you need to tell.

sources: 1- In a nutshell, Remember this & This happened cards, 2-Such and amazing week & this amazing love cards, 3- Today was a good day, travel & photo journaling cards, 4- “I’m currently” journal prompt cards, 5-Reading, watching, listening cards, 6- photo, today, that was fun black and white journaling cards