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6 Fun Free Printables for Project Life

Something I was brainstorming about- a gallery for all of us to post our project life pages…
I would like to have a place that is specifically dedicated to just PL… yet a place where everyone that signs up will come to spread encouragement & comment. Comment like at least 2 other people for every post. So that everyone could get inspired & feel supported. I would just really like to have our own little community where we could share. What do you think? Would you join? Should we have a special gallery or would Flickr (or similar) be good enough?

Well enough of my ramblings. I don’t have a theme today so I just put fun finds 🙂 Just resize & print!

sources- 1- childhood journaling spots, 2- playroom subway art, 3- be mine hearts & birds, 4- kitchen themed freebie (resize at 300dpi), 5- 2 free journaling cards the things that make you, you!, 6- note to self printables