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6 Free Journaling Card Printables

I’m off to a women’s retreat this weekend & should be getting dinners prepared but just couldn’t not make a post for you guys (is that devotion or what?! lol)

sources- 1- colorpop frames, 2- lace notecard stationary set, 3- icon journaling card freebie, 4- photo/travel cards, 5- black and white labels, 6- mini notebook cover

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6 Heart & Love Freebie Printables- Project Life Project365

As I have seen when looking around at people’s Project Life pages- there is a lot of love going around! These are perfect. Hearts & love stuff 🙂

sources- 1- love filler cards & journaling cards, 2- you bring color to my life heart free printable, 3- ignore a couple valentines but the rest are love & xoxo tags, 4- heart bingo card, 5- you’ve got my heart on a string freebie, 6- stitched heart printable art

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6 Fun Free Printables for Project Life

Something I was brainstorming about- a gallery for all of us to post our project life pages…
I would like to have a place that is specifically dedicated to just PL… yet a place where everyone that signs up will come to spread encouragement & comment. Comment like at least 2 other people for every post. So that everyone could get inspired & feel supported. I would just really like to have our own little community where we could share. What do you think? Would you join? Should we have a special gallery or would Flickr (or similar) be good enough?

Well enough of my ramblings. I don’t have a theme today so I just put fun finds 🙂 Just resize & print!

sources- 1- childhood journaling spots, 2- playroom subway art, 3- be mine hearts & birds, 4- kitchen themed freebie (resize at 300dpi), 5- 2 free journaling cards the things that make you, you!, 6- note to self printables

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Journaling Card Blog Hop

A blog hop made just for us Project Lifer’s! It’s amazing. There are so many journaling cards that by the end you will be stocked for weeks. I will be honest & warn that it is a bit 4shared heavy (I really can’t understand why people use them) but thankfully there is enough to break it up. Have fun! Thank you Libby for letting me know about it! 🙂

Catscrap Blog Hop

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6 Earth Day Printables

Happy Earth Day everyone! Just in case you want to have an Earth Day mention in your Project Life this week here are some great printables for the Earth 🙂

Earth Day Printables

sources- 1- celebrate earth day I heart tree, 2- Love earth, 3- we do not not inherit the earth, 4-leave only footprints, 5- i heart the earth, 6- love the earth

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6 Super Cool Printable Freebies For Project Life

These are so fun! I love them. I shared a Project Life page where I used the Tooth Fairy printable already. And since yesterday was national high 5 day I might use that first printable! 🙂

6 Super Cool Printable Freebies for Project Life

sources- 1- LOTS of hip printables including this high five one, 2- fun is good, 3- today I will (great for a current list), 4- all the states printable, 5- free tooth fairy printables, 6- That’s what she said quote cards


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6 Free Printable Monthly Calendar

I know a lot of project lifer’s love to add calendars to their filler cards so here are 6 great printable calendar freebies! Some are just for April, others are for the rest of 2012.

sources- 1- desktop calendars (yes, these are made for desktops but can be resized to fit your project!), 2- bird April calendar, 3- april showers calendar, 4- doodle 2012 calendar, 5- mini calendars, 6- chevron calendars with editable text

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6 Random Free Journaling Cards for Project Life #1

Right now I’m listening to the most catchy song from Shaggy. Listen to it & tell me if you aren’t totally into it by the end! 🙂 Shaggy – Believer

These journaling cards don’t have a theme so I just called it random #1.

Just resize (when necessary) & print!

sources- 1- hexagon journaling cards, 2- good times journaling cards, 3- free printable snail stationary set, 4- sneaker note cards (good for exercise or running journaling), 5- indie animal note paper, 6- journaling prompt cards

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6 Tags & Label Freebies for Project Life

Use these for fun embellishements to your photos & journaling cards…

sources- 1- Monthly Circle tags, 2- LOTS of cute little 3×3 cards, 3- colorful monogram tags, 4- Big sister/ big brother tags, 5- fridge poetry tags (just print the pdf & don’t worry about the magnet part!), 6- beep beep! bus printable

My sweet little cub scout came in 2nd in the Pinewood Derby race! He will now move on to regionals! How fun is that?! Here is a picture of him with my dad who helped build the car with him since my husband really doesn’t do mechanical. lol.

They have early release from school today so me & my mom are going to watch “The Help”. I honestly think I am the last person to see this movie!