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How I got my Project Life for free…

There is a site online called Swagbucks. I guess I must be under a rock because I hadn’t heard of it till December. Since then just doing what I normally do (googling, taking a survey or two each day) I paid for my whole Project Life 2013 with the points that I earned. You can choose what kind of redemption prize you want but I always take the Amazon bucks.

I was skeptical at first but this is coming straight from me with no spin- In 1 month I have made over $50. Seriously. They even give you points when you use coupons. I mean, hello, can it get any easier??

How does it work? Swagbucks are what you earn when you download and use the Swagbucks search bar.  Now the search is powered by Google, so it’s no different except you win Swagbucks for searching.  Not every time you search but pretty often, I usually get about 7-9 points every few searches. Also, Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day and the Swagbucks are higher in value on Friday and you get them more often, too! The surveys you can take off the website.

Try it out, I would love for you to sign up under me because we can all share points, hints & tips. You’ll also get points by using my referral! 🙂 Get your project life goodies all for free! Woot woot!

To the blog readers who do sign up I’ll give you my first tip. When you use the swagbucks search bar favorite the results page with your favorite websites. Then each time you visit them click on the bookmark for it. It will register as a “search” & you can get points just for visiting you usual sites like Facebook, your email, this blog 🙂
This website is also great to find all of the secret swagbucks codes they offer throughout the day. Points for doing nothing!

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6 Free Summer Printables For Project Life /Project365

Here in Washington the weather is pretty iffy still, it usually doesn’t get good till July 5th…but hopefully these printables to welcome summer will come in handy!

Sources- 1-Popsicle Welcome Summer print, 2- happy summer printable, 3- outdoor camping stationary, 4- summer day quote, 5- summer grilling party BBQ, 6- summer journaling cards

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6 Free Dad/ Fathers Day Printables for Project Life #1

There are some fun printables for your kids to fill out as well! 🙂 That would be fun to include in your books! Just resize & print!

sources- 1- Fathers Day printable portraits, 2- Printable Fathers Day survey, 3- Dad’s rule subway art, 4- Fill in the answers about dad, 5- I’m so glad when daddy.. printable, 6- Real men have kids & daddy & me free cards

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6 Project Life Printable Freebies Roundup 6/11

sources: 1- Lists and other printables, 2- my story and hello free journaling cards, 3- week in review, 2012 & other great colorful journaling cards,   4- the good stuff, i love my life blue scalloped blank journaling cards, 5- misstina’s 60 free printable journaling cards (LOVE!), 6- vintage girl lined journaling cards

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6 Printable Freebies for Project Life Roundup 6/6

How’s everyone doing? Did you realize we are already halfway thru our Project Life year?! Isn’t that crazy? I am so thrilled I am still going strong…I can’t believe I didn’t think I would make it a month! Proving yourself wrong feels good.

I have really been doing a lot of proving myself wrong lately- one is trying to limit my computer time & going into my studio and doing art. I was in a cycle there were you have your places that you visit on the internet which takes awhile to do so when you are done I felt like I needed to start over & re-check and it would end up that the whole day was frittered away with nothing to show for it. 😦 So I am being purposeful. Even though I’ve been sucked into looking at art journals on Pinterest. LOVE THAT. I’m afraid to start so it’s almost comfortable to just watch others do it! Issues! 🙂

I also started the P90X exercise program. It’s intense. It’s extreme. But again, I didn’t think I would want to “join up” for the full 90 days but here I am a week & a half and going strong. I’m absolutely noticing the difference you feel when you REALLY exercise. (Not those 10 minute ones I was doing before). It’s a well being and I love feeling all these new muscles & the strength that comes with them. Wow.

Anyways, on to the freebies! Just resize (when necessary) & print!


Sources: 1- Free 3×4 Life Cards, 2- Birds & crown lined journaling cards, 3- Just because xoxo filler cards, 4- Heidi Swapp hybrid card (I used the polka dot & chevron part for filler cards), 5- Said quote cards, 6- Kraft background printable journaling cards

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6 Free Printable Quotes For Project Life 5/22

Wow, the P90x workout is making me feel like a baby giraffe when I walk…and that’s that I only did half of it. My word!

Here are today’s finds:

sources- 1-a TON of great mother quote art, 2- do what makes you happy printable typography art, 3- you’re a star, 4- all you need is love & love yourself more free printables,  5- follow your bliss bunting freebie, 6- a good snapshot camera quote

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6 Free Printables for Project Life 5/19

Gorgeous sunny days & some garage sale deals. Does it get any better than that?! My favorite find was the 8″ thick VERY old dictionary for a quarter. Wow.

sources- 1- hexagon journaling cards, 2- ephemera inspired free printable journaling cards, 3- memories captured freebie card, 4- Good to remember overlays, 5- funky chevron cards, 6- lots of free tags

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6 Random Printable Journaling Card Freebies for Project Life/ Project365

Sometimes it’s too much work to find a theme so I just do a mash up like today and call it good 🙂 Enjoy!

sources- 1- Today, Now, Currently Journaling Card set, 2- Love & coffee and currents (you could just use photoshop to take out the feb 14 date), 3- on this day & everyday moments grid journaling cards, 4- gingham & heart free journaling cards, 5- set of freebie printable cards, 6- I am thankful lined journaling cards

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6 Mother’s Day Printables Freebies Project Life/Project365

It has really been so crazy town around here. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I hope all of you had a good Mother’s Day. I got a card from my daughter listing all the things she loves about me & one was that “my voice was like the ocean”. LOL 🙂 Too funny.
Speaking of Mother’s day here’s 6 printables (just resize & print):

sources: 1- freebie printable mothers day card, 2- mother’s day printable wall art, 3- mother’s day cards, 4- mom photo overlays, 5- lace mothers day, 6- gold & black mother’s day card