This Family 2014 Freebie Made by ME :)

I made this filler card for me from a gb still mini kit (can’t find link…if someone knows please let me know) & a PDF from scrapbook printables. I thought it turned all really cute so wanted to offer it to my blog readers since it’s been way too long since I’ve offered a freebie myself. Enjoy! If you use this let me know- it might inspire me to offer PL card freebies more often 🙂



Download my freebie here.

Something To Think About…

I just had a conversation with a fellow “freebie” maker and this was what she said “I went to sit down to make another freebie and thought, why should I bother spending my time on that when rarely anyone even says thank you?! So you know what? I didn’t.”


I used to be a mostly non-commenter till I started making freebies myself and realize that a positive comment is what MAKES you want to keep making things for free for others. Now I’m trying to change my ways & when I download something I give a comment.

For myself, the few things I’ve made so far (the ones actually made by me, I’m not talking about the collections of freebies I post about) have been downloaded hundreds of times & I myself have 3 thank you’s to show for it. I can see what she is getting at.

A freebie can take 10-60 minutes, a comment can take 5-10 seconds. Even if it’s a pain in the butt we can see from the comment above that doing so is what is ensuring that we keep getting freebies.

The more you know.
*Star flying above a rainbow & cheesy fairytale music tune*

Let’s start a gratitude revolution on blogs! Pass it on!

You + Me = Awesome Project Life Journaling Cards Freebie For You!

I made these this morning- I hope that you like them & can use them in your project life albums. If you happen to use them I would love to see them in action!

Please do not re-distribute or resell. Thanks!


Free Digital Scrapbooking Template #1

I am such a sucker for templates. They make scrapbooking so easy. I’m having a hard time going back to paper due to how easy they make it to get a page done quickly. I then love putting all of my layouts for the year into a Winkflash book. They give you 100 pages for a flat rate so it’s cheaper as well!

Here is my first template to share with you- enjoy! If you download I would LOVE to see your page!