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Some Recommended Songs For Slide Shows For Your Child- Son and Daughter

I know there are quite a few blog posts out there on this subject but I always saw the same songs listed which never seemed right for ME. I thought that I would make a post with some of the songs that I have used in the past. I am a HUGE slide show making freak & I take the song selections VERY seriously. A tradition we have in our family is a slide show for when each kid turned 10. Therefore I needed songs for children that weren’t too baby, weren’t too grown up and I’m sorry to say not TOO country. No offense!

Here are some of my recommended songs:


“Always”- Plumb
“Blink”- Plumb
“My Child”- Plumb
“You Bring Me Joy”- Carolyn Arends
“I Will Be There (For You)”- Randy Stonehill (Even mentions 1st days of school, learning to ride a bike, etc)


“Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)”- Dixie Chicks
“Up To The Moon”- Kim Hill (so sweet. tears)


“My Sweet, My Lovely”- Plumb
“Angel”- Jack Johnson
“I Wish I Could”- Collin Raye (just a tiny bit country but the words are fab)
“Hold On To Jesus”- Erin O’Donnell
“Seven Years”- Norah Jones

Hope this helps someone find that perfect song! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Some Recommended Songs For Slide Shows For Your Child- Son and Daughter”

    1. I have ProShow Gold but I’ve found that if you aren’t doing anything too crazy that even the most basic slide show (aka FREE) program will work. 🙂

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