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Free This Week Journaling Card for Project Life


Scrapping with Liz: Daily Life: Week 7.


3 thoughts on “Free This Week Journaling Card for Project Life”

  1. Hello!! Ok, I don’t do project life or digital..however, I make scrapbooks for people and pages are whatever I make them and they fill in with photos and hopefully journal as I leave space for it. So I am constantly looking for cute, unique LO and journaling cards (well way to design them) and I make a pocket on the LO so they can insert it.. I do this because for me, I don’t think I would really want everyone reading everything…so if it’s away they can feel more at ease about doing it. Now, after all of is my ??? of the day!! How do I follow you my email…I really cannot find the widget….
    Thanks bunches

  2. One more quick..and probably stupid ?? I notice you have free d/l. Are these only for PL? I really don’t know details on it. I hate eating bandwith for d/l I will never use (bandwith as in yours) I saw a couple things I thought were just to cute.

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