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Project Life Journaling Prompt #1

So what I was thinking is that once a week I would provide a journaling prompt. There is no pressure, join whenever you like.

I think it’s important that our project life has some reflections of us along the way seperate from just documenting the events of our week. That way when you or your children look back you/they can read a little into our character at that time. Straight from the heart. Your life story. OR if you don’t want to get so deep sometimes you just need something to take up a pocket! 🙂 lol. Some weeks I would like to even provide a freebie card that we can all use…I didn’t get one done this time however…


This year I will say no to….

This year I will say yes to…

If you would like to join this week you have a few choices-
*you can simply say that you journaled this prompt
*you can share your answers here
*you can leave a link that shows your project life page with your journaling prompt card in there

In case you aren’t convinced…This is a great article about why you should journal.


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