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How I got my Project Life for free…

There is a site online called Swagbucks. I guess I must be under a rock because I hadn’t heard of it till December. Since then just doing what I normally do (googling, taking a survey or two each day) I paid for my whole Project Life 2013 with the points that I earned. You can choose what kind of redemption prize you want but I always take the Amazon bucks.

I was skeptical at first but this is coming straight from me with no spin- In 1 month I have made over $50. Seriously. They even give you points when you use coupons. I mean, hello, can it get any easier??

How does it work? Swagbucks are what you earn when you download and use the Swagbucks search bar.  Now the search is powered by Google, so it’s no different except you win Swagbucks for searching.  Not every time you search but pretty often, I usually get about 7-9 points every few searches. Also, Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day and the Swagbucks are higher in value on Friday and you get them more often, too! The surveys you can take off the website.

Try it out, I would love for you to sign up under me because we can all share points, hints & tips. You’ll also get points by using my referral! 🙂 Get your project life goodies all for free! Woot woot!

To the blog readers who do sign up I’ll give you my first tip. When you use the swagbucks search bar favorite the results page with your favorite websites. Then each time you visit them click on the bookmark for it. It will register as a “search” & you can get points just for visiting you usual sites like Facebook, your email, this blog 🙂
This website is also great to find all of the secret swagbucks codes they offer throughout the day. Points for doing nothing!


5 thoughts on “How I got my Project Life for free…”

  1. I ❤ Swagbucks! I average more like $35 – $40 a month. Using the Swagbucks app, I earn 50 points (about 50 cents) a day just letting the app run on my iPhone. I especially like the Peanut Labs surveys – I seem to qualify for those more often than Swagbucks trusted surveys. I like getting the Walmart gift cards so I can order the different gift cards sells, like iTunes and Starbucks, to give as gifts.

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