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6 Day of the Week Project Life Printable Freebies 6/14

If necessary, resize & print! 🙂

sources: 1- day of the week blank journaling cards, 2- day of the week tabs, 3- Month Printable tags, 4- free printable colorful 3×4 cards, 5- week recap, I remember journaling cards, 6- day of the week journal cards

3 thoughts on “6 Day of the Week Project Life Printable Freebies 6/14”

  1. First of all, THANK YOU so much for all these freebies! I recently got introduced to Project Life and have yet to build my first page! I love a lot of your freebies, and I know I’m new at this, but how do you get these to print? Whenever I click on the image it just shows up as a small image. When I save and enlarge, it looks very pixelized. Is there another way I’m supposed to be getting these saved/resized/printed? Appreciate the help!!

  2. Thank you!!!! Big, giant hugs too! I’ve been going through all your posts looking at the awesome freebies you’ve found. I had no idea there was so much out there! You’ve made me so happy tonight. I’ve had fun exploring all the great stuff you’ve linked to. Thank you so very much!!

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