Project Life Pages

Project Life Page Share- Week 14 & 16

I haven’t shared any of my project life pages in awhile so even though this is old now thought I would share Week 14 & 16. All items used on my page are freebies. The You+Me= Awesome is made from me! You can find it under the “My Journaling Card Freebies” category to the right. The week 14 date circle is from September Blue. I used the Persnickety Print free templates to fit more than one photo on my journaling cards.

For a photo of my children with their Lego word creation I decided to do a google image search for Lego art. I found the “Build Something” and knew that would be perfect to include on my journaling card.

For Week 15-
Again, all freebies used. There is a Plucky Momo card for “Camporee”, Photo overlays, calendar & subway art. I used some Japanese Kawaii tape (it doesn’t have to be washi to be fun!). I put an image of the book I was reading that week- I thought that would be more memorable than just listing the title. My husband sent me a picture of him that he took with his phone from work so I put that in since I don’t get to document him at work- ask your husbands to try and do the same!
I had printed out some digital elements on a transparency & cut that out and attached with a brad. (The orange rock star)

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