Project Life Pages

Project Life Pages Week 13 3/25-31

Okay a week behind in posting but I wanted to share my page. A few fun things I did was I finally caved & jumped on the bandwagon of taking pictures of my feet. I have never done that before…these are my favorite pair of shoes in the whole galaxy so thought it would be fun to include them in my project life. I decided to use the photo as a backdrop & just put the “week info” on top of it. I also had a card where I put little “notes” from the week that already had little pieces of “tape” on them so it looked like a memo pad.
Other things I did this week was cut up a Mad Libs that the kids have been doing (with all the toilet humor words of course), took photos of some drawings my daughter did of Justin Bieber so I could include all of them by sizing them down.


The “the week of” word art, all the journaling cards, the tooth fairy certificate & subway art have all been free printables that I have posted on this blog at one time. Check out the archives! 🙂


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